Kia has just unveiled their new concept. As you can see it is powerful, dynamic and very stylish. Moreover it shows distinctive design which shows the direction that the South Korean manufacturer is taking.  The concept bears the name Track'ster and is intended to be the ultimate sporting representation of Kia's Soul B- segment SUV. The extremely successful and innovative crossover "Soul" gave even more ideas for concepts, such as Soul'ster for example. This is a convertible concept, which now is at preparation stage for production. The "Soul" model made a big breakthrough in the 2011 in the United Stades, where over 102,000 units were sold.  In addition, now Kia is launching this brand new Track'ster concept, which also has the relationship with the "Soul"s rebellious, individual and urban style.

2012 Kia Track'ster Concept

Source: KIA