2020 Karma AutomotiveKarma Automotive today announced its latest and most advanced modular E-Flex platform with two motor AWD and extended-range electric vehicle architecture. This new platform is the final of five demonstrative projects designed in order to illustrate Karma's technical direction and overall capabilities using the highly versatile EREV and battery electric vehicle (BEV) based rolling chassis systems.

Karma's latest flexible platform has been engineered with a wide range of solutions in mind. Such is the single motor e-drive unit at the front and at the rear. Also, the platform is geared with Karma's Silicon Carbide iventer e-drive system, which features an 80 kWh flat floor battery. This setup is targeted to achieve an all-electric range of up to 240 miles and when blended with the EREV, this number can rise to 495 miles, depending on configuration and commercial application.

Furthermore, all Karma E-Flex platforms leverage the brand's proprietary technology, manufacturing, and design services in order to offer partners innovative electric mobility solutions. By using the Karma E-Flex Platform, manufacturers can optimize development costs to engineer, test, certify, and build an EREV or BEV platform, which allows the electrification of their products with greater speed and efficiency.

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Additionally, Karma's E-Flex platform solutions are developed at the karma Innovation and Customization Center, brand's assembly plant in Moreno Valley, California. All E-Flex platforms feature proven Karma technology solutions as Revero GT drives motors in various configurations, gearbox, suspension, subframes, steering, battery, and electrical systems, in addition to production body structure parts. Many of these components have undergone over a million miles of Karma testing and in-market validation, which ensures Karma's proven knowledge and award-winning vehicle technology are present in each platform unit.

Source: Karma Automotive