Jaguar is joining forces with the RSA* to celebrate the work of some of the world's leading designs at the 2008 Royal Designers for Industry Awards**. The partnership is a natural fit for the brand following critical acclaim of Jaguar's stunning new design language developed under Design Director, Ian Callum. Both the XK sports car and the award winning XF make a definitive statement – design at the very heart of Jaguar's philosophy to build beautiful, fast cars desired the world over. Ian, who was this earlier this month recipient of the prestigious 2008 'Walpole Award for British Luxury Design Talent' said of the partnership: "At Jaguar we consider design to be one of the most important attributes for the brand and are creating a new wave of beautiful and modern cars, cars that Sir William Lyons – a man of great vision and incredible understanding of form and function would be proud of. I am delighted that Jaguar is working with the RSA to support these awards, it is after all only fitting as Sir William himself was awarded an RDI in 1954."

This year's awards will honour talented designers Max Fordham, Sam Hecht, Sarah King, Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd for their outstanding contribution in the fields of engineering, textile and product design. The ceremony will also see international designers including Andrea Branzi, James Carpenter, Dries Van Noten and Sori Yanagi receive honorary RDI awards – the highest design honour bestowed in the UK.

Commenting on the RDI awards, RSA Director of Design Emily Campbell said: "We are delighted to have the support of a company whose success owes so much to ambitious and uncompromising design."

The ceremony, which takes place in London at the RSA will also award Urban Splash Group Chairman and Co-Founder Tom Bloxham MBE with the RSA's Bicentenary Medal for his commitment towards the regeneration of Britain's inner cities.

* Since its inception, the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) has built up a well-deserved reputation for generating new and imaginative ideas to promote social progress. Founded in 1754 the RSA is a charity governed by a Royal Charter and registered as a charity in England and Wales no. 212424 and in Scotland no.SC037784

** The distinction Royal Designer for Industry (RDI) was established by the RSA in 1936 to enhance the status of designers in industry and encourage a high standard of industrial design. Only 200 designers are able to hold the distinction RDI at any one time, there are now 118 RDIs and 53 Honorary RDIs. Members of the Faculty include Jasper Morrison, James Dyson, Vivienne Westwood, Thomas Heatherwick and Jonathan Ive

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