Mazda is making its outstanding CX-5 a little bit more attractive with a series of drivability, design and functionality improvements. For instance, the model will include range of SKYACTIV-Drive automatic transmissions.

The latter will utilize kickdown detent, which will help drivers prevent unwanted downshifts or initiate faster ones when more torque is desired. Furthermore, the CX-5's engines are being improved and include even more free-revving than ever due to an enhanced power train control module. The tachometers have been updated accordingly with higher redlines.

What is more, the interior has also undergone some transformations with a focus on letting the driver concentrate on driving the vehicle. First of all the Bluetooth functionality has been enhanced and now is available for the audio system. It includes a voice command feature for music management as well as display and readout capability for email and SMS received via a Bluetooth-connected smartphone.

More style is added via the new silver accent for the audio panel button. This modification also contributes for a better utilization. Robust vinyl door armrests have been added on models with fabric upholstery to improve durability.

Soul Red adds more emotion to the exterior of the CX-5. It was especially developed using a unique process by combining two different base coats. The result is an intensive red that seems to radiate from within when lit up, in contrast to its blackish appearance when shaded. Soul Red adds to the range of three new body colours for the Mazda CX-5: Stormy Blue, Meteor Grey and Jet Black.

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