The automobile world is on the verge of the most radical change in its history. Normal combustion engines are for the first time being faced with serious competition from the electric camp. A first step on the way to a pure E-car is the hybrid vehicle, which combines a combustion and an electric engine in one vehicle. However, many people connect this form of movement with the words sacrifice and saving. Eco(logical) doesn't immediately sound like fun and enjoyment.

The engineers at H&R however are of a different opinion. As already proven in independent tests driving enjoyment can still be increased without an improvement in performance or increase in the CO² values. This principle comes clearly to the fore in the Toyota Prius III. A suspension kit and wheel spacers made of high tensile aluminium especially designed for hybrid vehicles create a more dynamic road performance without perceptibly reducing the comfort. In addition the driver can even save fuel at higher speeds and thus simultaneously lower the CO² emissions. This effect results from the modified suspension set, which makes the aerodynamics of the vehicle noticeably more efficient.

H&R Toyota Prius III

Thanks to the H&R engineers Eco(logical) now no longer sounds like sacrifice and saving. Now understandably - the word resounds with fun and enjoyment.