The name Tesla is now synonymous with being a frontrunner in changing the automotive industry. One of the biggest points to consider is how young the company is and how much positive impact it has already made on the way we view car manufacturing.

The star CEO Elon Musk started the company a mere 17 years ago. He has been at the heart of the revolution towards a more sustainable car for the earth.

Not only is the car more sustainable but the advanced features such as autopilot electric vehicles and the groundbreaking software embedded in every car has other automakers playing catch up.



Renewable energy as fuel

Changing the input fuel from fossil non-renewable sources to sustainable renewable sources is a quantum leap forward in protecting the earth from the harmful effects that mining and such practices have.

Not to mention the reduction of harmful emissions that Tesla cars have when compared to fuel-guzzling petrol or diesel cars.

Moving to the top

Tesla has recently rocketed to the top of the list in terms of automotive car companies value with the company being worth a megalithic $300 billion.

This change in the leader of the industry has forced a radical change in many of the other companies such as BMW, Ford, Mercedes Benz and many more to alter their designs to be more environmentally friendly.

It's sad to say but the only thing that forces change is the potential to earn money. That's why Tesla moving to the top is such a good thing.

Other companies viewing the success of Tesla motors are more included to follow the same business model which has wonderful repercussions for the earth.

With all of these wonderful changes, you might be wondering what they are so here is a list of some of the features that are making the automobile industry of tomorrow.

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Autopilot and auto-steer features

It's been in sci-fi movies for ages and it's always seemed like technology that is just around the corner but it's taken the innovation and willpower of a company like Tesla motors to usher in the new era of autopilot technology in cars.

Auto-parking cars and cruise control has been around for a while but auto-steering is the next step forward. The technology first came out in 2015 and has steadily improved year after year.

Following the technology released by Telsa other companies in the auto industry have looked to use the autopilot feature to improve upon things such as public transport and off-land transportation.

Although established automakers are looking at ways of integrating the technology there are still advances that need to be made to get to a completely autonomous level where drivers can simply sit back and let the car or vehicle drive itself.

At the moment Tesla's autopilot can detect speed limits and can sense traffic lights which aid the driver. The next step in Tesla's automotive software revolution is to have cars brake, accelerate, self-steer and even navigate routes according to traffic.



Electric cars have been around for a while but never seemed to gain a well-established foothold in the automotive industry. Tesla took this initial change and ran with it to make Tesla model cars that are produced on a wide scale.

Another great advance that Tesla motors introduced is cars that can compete with petrol and diesel cars in terms of speed and power. This hurdle existed with the electric cars made by other companies and was seen as a major drawback for widescale adoption.

There is still room for improvement as the kilometres you get per charge is not comparable to a full tank of petrol but with each year that goes by the gap narrows with traditional cars output.

Looking to the future it is estimated that half of the cars sold on the earth will be electric within the next 20 years and that is all thanks to the advances made by Tesla.

Besides being good for the environment and a leader in technology for cars the Tesla cars are aesthetically pleasing and can compete in looks with any traditional vehicle.

The future looks bright with Elon Musk and Tesla at the forefront of innovation and design in the automotive industry. If you are still not convinced then this last fact might convert you. Tesla cars are looking to leverage their technology to get cars from 0 to 60 in just one second, now that is amazing.