A higher-powered, sportier Accord Type S will be unveiled at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show in March.

This more powerful variant of Honda's D-sector model uses the acclaimed 2.2-litre i-DTEC diesel engine, like the standard Accord, but  thanks to a revised turbo-charger, cylinder head and larger intercooler, produces 180PS at 4000rpm, a 30PS increase on the standard model with the peak power coming at the same rpm. Torque has also increased 30Nm to 380Nm at 2000rpm.

"The 180PS diesel model will be a welcome addition to the Accord range, especially for company car drivers that want a high-specification car in an even sportier package," said Graham Avent, Manager – Corporate Operations, Honda (UK). "This model will undoubtedly appeal to high-performance diesel enthusiasts, looking for that something extra, but we hope it will also create a halo-effect across the diesel Accord range."

As well as a significant increase in power, the Type S sits on a new design of 18-inch alloy wheels and gains clear indicator covers, a Type S badge plus two new paint colours – Premium White Pearl and Basque Red.

The Type S will be available in either saloon or Tourer bodyshapes with manual transmission.

Performance, fuel economy and emissions data will be available once homologation is completed, and pricing will be announced nearer the on sale date later this year.


Alongside the Accord Type S, Honda's advanced humanoid robot, ASIMO will introduce Honda's more affordable family hybrid, the all-new Insight.

Due to hit the showrooms in April, the practical 5-door family car will be lower in price than any other hybrid on the market, making petrol-electric technology accessible to more people.

In addition to its lower initial price, the Insight offers many running cost savings, including reduced road tax (£15), low company car tax, congestion charge exemption and frugal fuel economy.

By utilising Honda's IMA hybrid system, the Insight benefits from low CO2 emissions of 101g/km (SE model) and excellent fuel economy of 64.2mpg (SE model). In addition, a unique system called Eco Assist features on the Insight, helping drivers to achieve better ‘real-world' fuel economy.

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Eco Assist is the world's first system to combine three different functions to enhance fuel economy: an ECON Mode which controls engine, transmission and other powertrain components to support more fuel-efficient driving; a guidance function that helps drivers become more fuel efficient behind the wheel using the colour of the speedometer display; and a scoring function that provides instant and long term feedback on driving techniques, after each journey. Honda developed Eco Assist to help its customers improve their fuel economy in real world conditions. The scoring function provides cumulative, long-term feedback through graphic 'leaves', which 'grow' over time as drivers learn and then implement a smooth driving style that boosts fuel economy. The visual nature of the scoring function display makes it easy and enjoyable for drivers to improve the efficiency of their driving skills over time.


Honda (UK) will mark the end of S2000 production with a limited edition version of the iconic roadster. It will make its first appearance at the Geneva Motor Show.

After ten remarkable years, the last ever, award-winning S2000 will roll off the line at Suzuka, Japan in June 2009.

Since its UK debut in 1999, the S2000 has always been a drivers' car, hailed for its engaging drive on and off track, both of which are reflected by the numerous awards the car has won. Its 240PS 2-litre engine remains one of the highest output per litre and highest revving engines ever made. In recognition of this it has won the International Engine of the Year five times in its lifetime, as well as Auto Express Best Sports Car for three consecutive years plus a whole host of other awards.

Only 100 of the special edition roadsters will be sold in the UK, as the name, Edition 100, suggests. It will retain its highly acclaimed 2.0 litre 9000rpm VTEC engine and combines it with a Grand Prix White body and graphite effect alloy wheels. The new paint job evokes memories of Honda's first F1 car from 1964 as well as many sporting models since. The exterior colour, dark metal alloy wheels and a unique black S2000 badge give the timeless roadster a fresh look.

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Inside, red leather interior, red stitching on the gear lever gaiter and aluminium gear knob that's unique to the model, complete the racing look. Edition 100 models will be marked out by their individual numbered plaques on the kick-plates, denoting their position in the final series. Since its introduction, Honda has sold 110,673 units worldwide – 7,898 of those in the UK.


Honda's production fuel cell car, the FCX Clarity, and sporty hybrid concept, the CR-Z, will both join the new models on the Honda stand at Geneva.

A production model, based on the CR-Z, has been confirmed for production and will offer something completely new to the hybrid market when it goes on sale. The FCX Clarity is currently on sale, on a lease basis, in the US and Japan.

ASIMO will be introducing the new Insight to the public and media during the duration of the show. ASIMO is now able to run, recognise people and objects, climb stairs, carry and deliver drinks. As the latest in a long line of robots from Honda which began with the E0 robot in 1986, ASIMO has become a symbol for Honda's advanced non-automotive research and is the culmination of more than 20-years of continuous development.

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