Gumpert, the Germany-based supersport rides automaker has officially announced a brand-new model for the Geneva Motor Show 2011. Dubbed Gumpert Tornante, the all-new ride will be a two-seater Fast Tourer based upon a new central engine chassis, fitted with an extremely powerful V8 power unit.

When debuted, the Gumpert Tornante will take its place as the second model by the brand, after the exclusively successful Apollo, which set new benchmarks for driving dynamics of the street legal cars. The Tornante's visual styling is still mystery, but we know that is designed in Italy, and as far as we've seen Italian sports ride we can expect something really athletic, muscular and stylish – a unique blend between Italian sporty elegance and German high-end engineering.

Gumpert says: "GUMPERT TORNANTE opens a new class of automobiles born for the extremely dynamic and fast voyage, the Fast Tourers."