There is only a little connection left between the GEMBALLA TORNADO 750 GTS and the Porsche Cayenne Turbo. At the most, the Porsche SUV is the master model for the latest development by the automobile manufacturer from Leonberg near Stuttgart. Already at first glance, the targeted goal of the technicians at GEMBALLA Automobiltechnik GmbH & Co. KG can be clearly defined: away from the SUV and more to an uncompromising sports car. The reason for the performed metamorphosis was the large amount of requests for a high performance sports car with the dimensions and the spacious interior of an SUV. 25 years of experience with innovative products based on Porsche sports cars contributed to the development of this new automobile. The unique signature of owner Uwe Gemballa is also clearly visible with the TORNADO 750 GTS:  750 hp and a vehicle weight reduced by 250 kg are only two unique selling points of this superb automobile. Once again, the company confirms its expertise when it comes to striking design and an especially powerful engine technology.

Striking design for highest requirements In order to meet the sports car´s increased requirements in terms of light construction and torsional stiffness, Uwe Gemballa´s team optimised nearly the entire auto body. For this reason, the ultra-strength and especially light material carbon is mainly used. A front apron extended by 60 millimetres with integrated aero lip generates more downthrust at the front axle and in connection with the also extended rear section it renders the typical elongated sports car look. Extensive air inlets suck in additional fresh air for the engine, oil- and air intercooler; and moreover, an air duct system even brings the air to the front brakes. On the other hand, the engine heat is effectively diverted by air ducts in the also newly designed bonnet. The special highlight of the bonnet is its fusion with the front wings and the new, converse opening mechanism. Compared to the serial Cayenne, the one-part bonnet-wing-unit now opens forward and therefore allows a better access to the engine.

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The outstanding eye-catchers of the TORNADO flanks are the body extensions which are fitted all the way from the front to the rear. They make space for the extremely broad 12-inch rims and in connection with the new side skirts they render a dynamic look.

The aerodynamics specialists also extensively optimised the rear section. The rear skirt has been extended by 40 millimetres and for additional downthrust, a race diffuser has been added. A rear spoiler with carbon flaps perfects the aerodynamic overall package.

When designing the body kit, GEMBALLA does not leave any doubt that the TORNAGO 750 GTS is a full-blooded sports car. In order to emphasise this claim, GEMBALLA adds designer characteristics which are typical for sports cars: Round double tail lights and

four end pipes of the high performance exhaust system which have been integrated in the rear skirt, confirm the powerful appearance.

Extensive modifications at the driving gear render impressive results On the one hand, the combination of the sport exhaust system, the sport catalysers and the optimised racing header render the sporty and earthy sound of the V8. On the other hand this is a substantial part of the profound modifications at the serial power engine of the Cayenne Turbo. But the main feature of the engine makeover is the increase of the cubic capacity up to five litres. Here, the GEMBALLA engine experts fitted fortified forged pistons, special connecting rods and racing turbochargers. An air intercooler with a 90 percent larger cooling area supplies enough cold air. All these components are precisely adjusted to each other with the help of new engine electronics maps.

The result: with a top performance of 750 hp / 552 kW at 6,400 rpm and a maximum torque of 1,050 Nm at 3200 rpm, the GEMBALLA engine meets the wishes of its ambitious customers from motor sports and also renders excellent performance values. The 4WD automobile accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in only 4.3 seconds and with a maximum velocity of over 300 km/h, the GEMBALLA TORNADO 750 GTS is significantly more powerful than its serial counterpart.

Running gear and wheels for adequate grip and agile handling The TORNADO was equipped with an adjustable coilover kit which has been especially adjusted to the enormous performance potential. This allows lowering the car by up to 70 millimetres and therefore permits a variable adjustment of the setup to every individual driver and scope of use.

The right grip is provided by the tailor-made wheel-tyre combination for the GEMBALLA TORNADO 750 GTS: The multi-part, especially light GT SPORT forged rims are available in 12Jx22 with tyres measuring 335/25 Z 22.

By manufacturing the wheels in forged technology, they are extremely light. Moreover, the weight of the unsprung masses is reduced which significantly improves the handling as well as acceleration and braking response.

The high-performance braking system with the punched and slit XXL discs guarantees optimal deceleration values. In order to provide the perfect gas pedal response, the GEMBALLA technicians used 6-piston brake callipers with 420mm discs at the front axle and 4-piston brake callipers with 380mm discs at the rear axle.

4-seater with state of the art interior As usual, GEMBALLA builds the interior in an unsurpassable quality and in an innovative design. The four single sports seats which offer all passengers a unique seating experience when driving winding roads are another highlight. The hand-holds which are embedded in the rear centre console provide further support.

The new front centre console with the lifted gearbox and the Data Control System renders a real cockpit feeling. The harmonically integrated display presents driving data such as acceleration, cross-acceleration and deceleration values. But also comfort is not neglected in the TORNADO: Stylish and in artisan perfection, GEMBALLA integrates state of the art Rear Seat Entertainment components and combines these with finest materials, such as high-quality leather, carbon fibre or aluminium.

GEMBALLA - the specialist for high end Porsche refinements and innovative engineering design offers the GEMBALLA TORNADO GTS in a limited edition of 50 cars for a price from 400,000 euros.