To our pleasant surprise, Infiniti decided to reveal the first image of the QX30 Concept! Set to make its world premiere at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show, the crossover concept seems to show a strong indication of commitment, style and strength.

Very often this brand has tried to push the boundaries between what is possible and what is impossible and so far it hasn't disappointed us. On the contrary. The final results have always turned out to be exclusively acceptable. Now the Infiniti QX30 Concept is born with a remarkably sleek design which combines the lines of a coupe with subtle features of a crossover. Looking ready for action and still kind of smooth, it encapsulates a dynamic spirit which promises to deliver uncompromising capabilities.

Designed to make travelers feel safe, comfortable and at ease, this concept vehicle adopts a theme of "stylish protection." This becomes apparent from nose to tail. The SUV-like look is characterized by pronounced aluminium-trimmed front bumper and an intriguingly-sculptured rear with a tough skid plate that has nuanced graphics.

The QX30 Concept's sophisticated exterior proportions "are composed of bold sections, deep upward cuts, and intersecting contours to create Infiniti's hallmark "dual wave" effect. The aerodynamic design accentuates its athletic silhouette, showcasing its confident capability. Carbon fibre in the lower cladding and roof-bar supports adds to the car's lightweight performance character." Finally, 21-inch wheels and larger profile tires contribute to the stable stance of the crossover too.

For now, the automaker hasn't shared any information regarding the performance specifics of the soon-to-debut QX30 but stay tuned to find out more very soon!

Source: Infiniti