Evanta Barchetta is a joint project which will make its official world premiere at the Goodwood revival motor show, which will happen this weekend. The car has been manufactured by Evanta, and it has currently revealed the one and only official image of the Barchetta so far. The Evanta Barchetta is a 2-seater open top speedster, which has a design obviously inspired by the cars made in 1950s. Just take a look at its sleek and sweeping curves. Its low profile shows its Anglo-Italian parentage.Each vehicle of the Evanta Barchetta will be designed and built in Britain. It will be hand-crafted using traditional coach building methods, which include a composite kevlar body on a tubular frame. There will also be an alternative model available, which will come in an aluminium body.The Barchetta will be powered by its potent 6.2L engine, producing 450 hp (330 kW). Given the fact that this vehicle features a light frame, the engine contributes towards car's exceptional agility. The unit will be mated to either an automatic or manual gearbox.The good new is that although the Bachetta will be built in Britain, the company will produce both left- and right-hand drive variants. Production will be strictly limited imited to 99 composite bodied vehicles and 49 aluminium bodied vehicles.The price of the Evanta Barchetta is yet to be confirmed. It is expected to be around £125,000 for the composite and £165,000 for the aluminium variant. Following the release of the Barchetta, the Evanta has announced plans to launch a GT concept car in the spring of next year.