2021 Dacia Media ControlDacia presents a new Media Control function for that would ease drivers in their everyday use of the multimedia devices within any Dacia vehicle. The system provides effortless hassle-free connectivity and seamlessly integrates the driver's smartphone into the vehicle and eases the use of any infotainment function in the cabin.

In order to access the menu and Dacia's Media Control, drivers need to download the dedicated Dacia App and ensure Bluetooth connectivity. All the essential functions are then at the driver's fingertips, such as navigation, radio, music, telephone contacts, and more. The access to such functions can be activated by voice and by the steering wheel's buttons.

Nicolas Legros explains: "Media Control is a complete multimedia system. It includes a radio, two speakers, a USB port, Bluetooth connectivity, steering wheel controls and, above all, a smartphone docking station integrated into the dashboard. From the very beginning of the project, this docking station was truly integrated into the design of the dashboard. A guarantee of comfort and ergonomics for our customers."

Customization and functions

2021 Dacia Media Control

Because of the flexible App, the system is capable of adapting to the needs of each individual user. Shortcuts can be created for a driver's favourite widgets, applications, and phone contacts. For navigation, there is a wide choice of map and guidance providers, while a feature reminds drivers to take their phones with them at the end of a journey, and a useful ‘Go To My Car' function directs the driver to where they have parked their vehicle.

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Multimedia options include radio, playlists from the phone, subscriptions to music platforms, USB sticks or MP3 players. For the phone, in addition to calls, all the essential functions are available: hands-free mode to find a contact in the phonebook, consult the history or access the events planned in the calendar.

Source: Dacia