Jaguar customers and fans will have the chance to see the 1,000-mile loop in Italy with some of the brand's iconic models. There will be three C-types, three D-types, one XK120, one Xk140 and MK VII sallon. Held from May 14-17, 2015, the Mille Migia will offer challenges and tests for both vehicles and drivers. The  event itself will begin and end in Brecia, but it will go through numerous Italian cities, including Rome.

The C-type models

The first C-type vehicle is already familiar with the Mille Miglia road, as it competed 62 years ago in the original race back in 1953 and it was driven by Mario Tadini and Franco Cortese. This is one of three models, that together form the Jaguar Heritage Trust and will be driven by Jaguar Vehicle Integrity Chief Engineer Mike Cross.

The second C-type wears the unique  "KSF 182" registration number and it was the same vehicle, that Jimmy Stewart and Sir Jackie Steward were using during 1952 to 1955. Now it will be driven by the five-time winner of the le Mans 24-hour, three-time Daytona 24-hour winner and veteran Derek Bell. In fact, Bell is a guest of art collector and classic car enthusiast Adam Lindemann.

The last C-type is really a special one. It comes with registration number "PUG 676" and it took place in races in the post-World-War II era and now it will be driven by its owner, Royal Automobile Club Motoring Committee Chairman, Ben Cussons.

The D-type models

When we talk about Jaguar, the participation will not be complete without the one and only D-type. This year's Mille Miglia will meet the "NVC 260", that competed in not just one Mille Miglias competition back in the '80s. But the car also took place in races back in 1956 and 1957 and now it will be driven by its owner, one of the world's  most respected experts, when it comes to classic cars, Simon Kidston.

Other D-type models, that will take place in the event are the "RSF 303" and the "393 RW", that took place in numerous races in the '50s. The Ecurie Ecosse D-type "RSF 303" was especially created for the 1957 le Mans race, but took part in Mille Miglia events in the same year and the next one. Now, it will be driven by Jaguar Design Director, Ian Callum.

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The other model, the "393 RW" made 1956 a really special year for Jaguar by winning the 12-hour of Reims and finished in the sixth place and even setting the fastest lap at le Mans in the same year. This well-known machine and veteran will be driven by host of the hugely popular BBC One show, Saturday Kitchen and well-known chef, James Martin.

And there is good news for customers. They will be given the chance to drive C-type, D-type or  E-type especially at Jaguar's test facility at Fen end in West Midlands. Fans can choose between one-hour test drives, a half-day Le Mans race-themed special event or a full-day "Grace and Pace" programme.

The XK120 and XK140 models

Despite the fact Jaguar brand doesn't offer test drive for the MK VII saloon, customers will still be given chance to see for themselves why this is one of the most remarkable cars of one entire era via jaguar's social media platform. The legendary vehicle will be driven by adventurer Charley Boorman.

And with a bit of additional glamour, the 2015 Mille Miglia challenge will include also the TV presenter and current host of Channel 5's The Classic Car Show Jodie Kidd, who will drive the stunning "Betsey": the Jaguar "OOF 748", just as he did in the 2014 trial. But this time she will be partnering with the classic car enthusiast David Gandy.

There is one more car, that will take part in 2015 Mille Miglia. This is the Jaguar XK140, which came in 1954 as a heir to the XK120. The car was owned by the successful British racer David Hobbs and back in 2006 it was completely restored by Trevor Groom and now, in 2015 it will be driven by Elliot Gleave.

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