The stunning CITROËN DS INSIDE concept will be making its public debut at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. The chic new model will be displayed alongside the Company's new corporate image. Embodying a bolder, three-dimensional version of the famous Double Chevron logo this new, modern, emblem supports the Company's spirit of Créative Technologie.

Providing clear evidence of CITROËN's positive thinking, the Company has also announced that it will be launching brand new models at the rate of one every six months for at least the next three years, and, one of the most exciting aspects of CITROËN's forward planning is the announcement of a whole new, and totally separate, affordable premium model range – christened DS (Different Spirit).

The CITROËN DS INSIDE which will be displayed at Geneva is a concept car realisation of the first of this future DS range. From a team headed up by British designer, Mark Lloyd, the DS INSIDE is characterised by its strong visual presence and seductive styling, and embodies the very best of CITROËN, standing apart from the crowd with its creativity, intelligent design and quality.

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The concept is based on the smaller of the forthcoming DS models, the DS3, and will be the first to be launched in 2010, followed successively by the DS4 and DS5. The models will be positioned as premium models in, respectively, the small, medium and large car segments.

Also on display at the CITROËN stand in Geneva will be the spacious, stylish and clever new CITROËN C3 Picasso, that goes on UK sale in April, together with a wide range of models that span from Europe's most popular sub-110 g/km CO2 model, the CITROËN C1, through to the Company's luxurious CITROËN C6. Alongside these, visitors will also get the opportunity to see the environmentally focused C-Cactus concept car – which CITROËN are exploring the possibility of making a production reality – as well as, the amazing GTbyCITROËN that has become virtual reality in Sony Playstation's GT5 prologue.

GTbyCITROEN (2008) - picture 1 of 8
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Alongside the announcement of the new logo and the DS range, CITROËN has also announced a host of other enhancements to the brand that will allow it to re-invent itself in several areas.

The line Créative Technologie will be used throughout all advertising; dealerships will be progressively upgraded to reflect the dynamic new image and emphasis will be placed on further elevating customer satisfaction; customer websites are being transformed; the approved used car programme is being upgraded to re-emerge as ‘CITROËN Select'; a new range of products is being developed for Fleet customers under the banner ‘CITROËN Business', and the WRC winning rally team has been renamed CITROËN Racing.

Commenting, Xavier Duchemin, Managing Director of CITROËN UK said: "At a time when some are postponing or cancelling future models, it is very exciting for us and our potential customers to see that CITROËN are looking forward positively to when the current, undeniably tough, times are over. Our display at Geneva showcases both what is to come, including the exciting CITROËN C3 Picasso, as well as our current range which continues to offer buyers excellent value, environmentally sensitive and stylish options for today."