Citroen C-Zero is the company's EV, which met London's Mayor, Boris Johnson, earlier this week. Citroen's EV has a maximum range of 93 miles, which is more than enough for everyday drive.

The capital of the UK is going to become the city with most electric vehicles. Because of this, there are more than 250 charge points across the capital, which Source London has committed to expanding to at least 1300 publicly accessible points by 2013.

"Through the development of Source London we are seeking to create the fertile conditions for electric vehicles to flourish, to make our city the electric driving capital of Europe.  This is in support of the expanding range of electric cars coming to market and will deliver a range of environmental benefits in terms of pushing down on pollution in London.", commented Boris Johnson, Mayor of London.

"C-Zero is perfectly placed to demonstrate the benefits of switching on to electric power," said Linda Jackson, Managing Director of Citroën UK.  "By offering zero emissions while running, owners incur zero company car tax, zero Vehicle Excise Duty and zero London Congestion Charge.  We are delighted to see the Citroën C-Zero take its place at the start of an exciting new era for London.", Mr. Johnson added.

Source: Citroen