Carlsson unites two automobile worlds which could not be any more different: on the one hand, overwhelming engine power and on the other hand, the touring limousine. On one, a car trimmed for sportiness and on the other, a fully-fledged boot. Here, the coilover kit for top speeds on the race track and there, a comfortable damping for long tours. The Carlsson CK63S based on the Mercedes-Benz C-class C 63 AMG unites all of these contradictions in one car.

The core part of this refinement is the enhanced engine. The renowned automobile manufacturer Carlsson is approved by the federal motor transport authority and its engineers pull out an unbelievable 565 hp (415 kW) out of the 6.3 litre V8. This is nearly a quarter more output than the AMG engine which provides 457 hp (336 kW) out of the same cubic capacity. The maximum torque rises from 600 Newton metres in the AMG to an impressive 685 Newton metres in the CK63S. Therefore, the Carlsson C-class accelerates from zero to one hundred in only 3.8 seconds and is therefore another 0.7 seconds faster than the already speedy 4.5 seconds in the serial edition. The maximum speed is electronically limited to 300 km/h and therefore rises by 50 km/h.

But the engineers in Merzig/Saarland are not yet satisfied with this enormous engine enhancement under the three-part Carlsson carbon cover. The sport rear silencer which already accounts for a performance plus of 15 hp renders the matching sound setting. While the exhaust system contains itself during pleasant tours, the oval stainless steel end pipes provide an earthy sound as soon as the accelerator is pushed. Therefore, the acoustics already predict the inner values under the bonnet.

As far as the optimal road handling is concerned, the Mercedes specialist brought an absolute top expert on board. The internationally successful race driver Ellen Lohr who also works as a Carlsson brand ambassador and the engineers from Merzig have perfectly adjusted the Carlsson running gear to the strong engine. This allows a continuous traction- and compression phase and therefore a perfect adjustment. Comfortable for long distance trips and the perfect performance for a ride over winding country roads.

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The entirely new aerodynamics kit renders the necessary road grip. The front- and rear spoiler and the front spoiler lip are made of Polyurethane (PU) and real carbon and therefore guarantee best-possible material strength at an extremely low weight.

Moreover, the high-quality sport character is enhanced by the forged light alloy wheels 1/16 from the Ultra-Light series. In the elaborate forging process, Carlsson produces wheels which are so extremely compressed that no more pinholes or air pockets remain in the aluminium. Therefore, the Ultra-Light wheels achieve top stability and compared to cast light alloy wheels with the same size, they weigh up to 40 percent less. On the car, the Ultra-Light wheels reduce the unsprung masses and therefore increase both the sportive driving dynamics and comfortable travelling. Carlsson uses the 1/16 UL measuring 8.5x19 inches on both axles or if desired 10x19 inches at the rear axle.

The elaborate engine refinement and the exterior also reflect in the interior. Carlsson perfects the interior with an especially designed sport driving wheel with a leather or ultra-suede cover. The doors and side parts of the seats are lined with finest ultra-suede in charcoal with a light-coloured decorative stitching. Aluminium pedals and door pins made of aluminium also confirm Carlsson´s passion for detail.

With the CK63S, Carlsson achieved the squaring of the circle. Using their experience in motor sports, the Mercedes refiners turned the C-class into a pedigree sports car. At the same time, the car maintains all amenities of a travel limousine. A sportive cruise at the weekend is always welcome while the boot is normally used for child seats and luggage.