Cadillac ATS-V Front ViewToday, at Los Angeles the new 2016 ATS-V was introduced by Cadillac - the new generation family member that expands brand's elite hi-end V-Series. The start of the production will be this spring with the availability in sedan and coupe forms. The first ATS-V's will bring the twin-turbocharged power and uncompetable design artwork and performance system.

Now, for more than ten years, the V-Series have driven incredible power and performance to Cadillac's ever-expanding luxury range. Built on the base of the award-winning ATS line, the V-series add even more capabilities to what was the most resilient and agile-driving compact car class.

The result? Luxurious multi-purpose vehicle. It comes with the well known and trustworthy true track capability, combined with the smooth feel on the road. The new ATS-V is geared with the first of it's kind twin-turbocharged engine in a V-series model. The machine comes with SAE-certified 464 horsepower (364kW), highest output six-cylinder engine segment, 601Nm (444 lb-ft) of torque, 0-60 performance in 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 189 mph. The engine is coupled with a six-speed manual or a paddle-shift eight-speed automatic transmission.

In order to create an agile, luxurious and smooth-performing ATS-V, the Twin Turbo engine supports completely redesigned chassis, suspension and drivetrain systems. Other upgrades and further improvements include Brembo high-performance brake system straight from the factory, third-gen Magnetic Ride Control with additionally enhanced damping response, selectable driver modes for sport-based track etc.

In addition, ATS-V comes also with exterior design that supports aerodynamic performance as well as powertrain and drivetrain cooling technology. The interior focuses on the driver's interface system for even better performance driving, including more ergonomic and high performance seats.

Chief engineers ensure the highest performance available via the bond that the smallest V-series has with the driver. It's not just a bond, they say, but the engine actually adapts to driver's preferences for more pleasure of driving. How cool is that?

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