There's a new Brabus exterior program for the new Mercedes B-Class. All alterations made on the body are not only visual but purposeful as well – aerodynamic enhancements thanks to the OEM quality high-grade Pur-R-Rim plastic components.

The Brabus provided front spoiler is an attachment for the standard bumper and deals with the prevention of front axle lift. There's also an attachment for the rear fascia which has been thoughtfully cut out in order to house the Brabus quad sport exhaust system.

There's a lot to choose when it comes to wheels. The B-Class can come with 8.5Jx19 Monoblock E, F, Q and S versions. In the gallery provided, the car actually uses two different pairs of wheels on each side – Monoblock F, cross-spoke wheels on the right and Monoblock Q, five double-spoke ones on the left. The best tires one can wrap around those wheels are in sizes 225/35 R 19 at the front and 255/30 R 19 at the rear axle.

Brabus have also introduced new springs to the suspension which are specifically designed to work with the standards dampers, yet the ride height is reduced by 30 mm.

Power tweaks for all versions of the B-Class come from the already applied Brabus sport rear muffler with four chrome-plated tailpipes. The Brabus ECO PowerXtra performance kits for the direct-injection gasoline and diesel engines are in the final stages of development.

Bi-color stainless-steel scuff plates with Brabus logos on them and aluminum door lock pins and pedal pads add to the exclusivity inside. Also the upholstery is akin to a that in a lounge. Upon request a multimedia equipment can also be fitted which comes with an iPad

Mercedes Brabus B-Class (2012)

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