2021 Bentley Bentayga WheelsAfter decades of development, Bentley announces a new series of carbon-fiber wheels, exclusive for the Bentayga lineup. These are 22-inch carbon wheels, engineered by the brand's top specialists and are one of the largest carbon-fiber wheels in production in the world.

What is also special about the wheels is that they are subjected to rigorous TÜV (Technischer Überwachungsverei - Technical Inspection Association) standards, and are the first carbon-fiber wheels ever produced to pass all tests impeccably. The comprehensive evaluations include rigorous experiments, biaxial stress testing, and radial and lateral impact testing for simulating potholes and cobblestones, tire overpressure, and excessive torque tests exceeding the permitted limits.

One of these tests, the most severe one, has shown how the carbon rims are super safe in addition to all other performance benefits.

In fact, the carbon fiber material not only provides some notable weight loss but also contributes to some additional benefits of increased strength and stiffness. Along with this, the wheels allow for increased steering agility and improved braking response.

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The new 22-inch carbon wheel set is the perfect complement to Bentley's existing carbon fiber lineup, including the highly sought-after Styling Specification which adds a carbon front splitter, sill extensions, and rear diffuser to the Bentayga, and the option of high gloss carbon fiber veneer to the interior.