The Bailey Blade is designed to capture the spirit of old school automobiles in modern form. It is a full performance car with a lot of modern advancements. Powerful V8 fuel injected engine roar under the hood. The chassis is finished in boxed steel and aluminum with fully independent suspension. Front splitters and rear diffusers are added to keep down force up without the need of a giant rear spoiler.

In respect of safety the components used in Bailey Blade are standardized  that meet both US and European regulations.

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The Blade has been built to accept a variety of engines types. Everything from a Ford Big Block or Modular engine to a smaller lighter BMW Engine. The engine compartment is sized to accept most any front mount engine type. The initial first prototypes will have a Roush 400IR stroked small block ford engine with fuel injection producing 500HP.


Full DOM and Chrome Molly steel chassis consisting of tubular roll cage affixed to a solid ridged box steel frame. The tubular roll cage is hidden from view and protects the driver and passenger sides with the addition of two hoop roll bars to protect in case of roll over.


The Blade will be standard equipped with a fully adjustable independent rear suspension with adjustable shocks. The suspension utilizes adjustable upper and lower control arms and with adjustable performance shocks mounted to a cantilever system for easy adjustability of ride height and suspension geometry. The rear end can be swapped with a Ford 9" or 8.8" straight axel with 4-Link or 3-Link rear control arms. Adjustable anti-sway bars for both front and rear of the car. Obviously "Adjustable" is the key word here, the designer wanted this car to easily go from street to track with only a few adjustments and without having to install or buy anything else for the car.


The car will have a full vinyl ester hand laid fiber glass body that is light weight in design with functional trunk doors and hood. The hood is a clam shell style hood that flips forward to allow for easy access to the engine suspension components.

"Bailey Blade" Concept Specifications:

Engine ROUSH 400IR 8-Stack Fuel Injected
Horsepower / RPM 550HP @ 6000 RPM
Torque (lb.-ft./N-m) @ engine rpm 490 lb.ft. @ 4200 RPM
Redline (rpm) 6500
Displacement 400 cu. in.
Intake Manifold Weber Style 8-Stack Induction System
Fuel System Electronic Fuel Injection
Vehicle weight WO/Driver 2200lbs. - 2700lbs. * Depending on options selected.
Wheelbase 95 in.
Overall length 156 in.
Body width, without mirrors 72 in. (at rear fender)
Overall height 45 in.
Front track width 58 in.
Rear track width 59 in.
Brakes 4-wheel disc antilock - (Optional Traction Control)
Number of pistons front/rear 6 piston caliper Front / 4 caliper piston back
Rotor diameter and thickness:Front/Rear 13.0 / 1.02 in. | 12.0 / .65 in.
Steering power-assisted, variable-effort rack-and-pinion
Ratio 15.6:1
Turns stop-to-stop 2.53
transmission 6-speed Manual / short-throw - T56
Suspension four-wheel independent includes 6-way double ajustable shocks with ajsutable coilover springs and adjustable ride height control
Differential / Axle 4:11 ratio or 3:73 ratio - limited-slip / 31 splined cv axles
headlamps Xenon, high-intensity discharge, Projector with CCFL Halo/Angle Eye
Wheels Size 18" x 8.5" front and 19" x 10.0" rear
Tire Size Front 275/35ZR-18 and Rear 335/30ZR-19