Aston Martin Racing has released a new, 2011 version of its staggering racing ride Aston Martin Vantage GT4. Inspired by the sleek V12 Vantage road car, the 2011 Vantage GT4 showcases optimized aerodynamics, increased downforce, as well as a specially remapped 4.7-liters powerplant, which along with the aluminum chassis and suspension design is borrowed from the V8 Vantage road car.

In the terms of styling and aerodynamics, the 2011 Aston Martin Vantage GT4 benefits from a new splitter in the front, which besides increasing the downforce, supplies cool air for the brakes and radiator. At the rear end, the racing monster gains the V12's larger boot ‘flip' that is further backed by a new carbon fiber diffuser and rear underfloor, resulting in creating an area of low pressure under the rear of the car, to increase downforce.

Moreover, for the first time, an exclusive race-developed Bosch ABS and traction control system is available upon a request. This system has been specifically engineered by Bosch Motorsport for the GT4 ride to provide race-enhanced performance in both wet and dry conditions.

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