The iconic Bond car – the Aston Martin DB5 takes part in the new James Bond film named Skyfall. In this video preview the creators of the new 007 movie are putting more light on the historic Bond fairy dust on their new film with the return of the emblematic Aston Martin.

In the preview below, you will hear the director Sam Mendes speaking nostalgically about the DB5. Back in the days when he was a child, he had the original Corgi toy DB5 with its ejector seat and little man and bullet-proof screen popping up at the back.

However in the new film is used a doppelganger of the DB5 with the original number plate on it. This means that the original BMT 216A wasn't found for Skyfall. Despite that, it Is great to see James Bond driving the Aston Martin DB5 again.

Source: Carsuk