Arrinera Hussarya GT prototypeThe well-known blue Arrinera Hussarya GT prototype, the very same Polish car that tackled down the hillclimb at the 201 6 Goodwood Festival of Speed, has visited Poland during a road tour that consists a trip in several Polish cities. As you might know, this is a GT4 racecar with turbular frame, carbon-fiber-dominated body, a mighty V8 power unit and sequential Hewland transmission.

While in beautiful Poland, the Hussarya GT visited the cobblestone-paved terraces that overlook the Odra river, Philharmonic in Szczecin that recieved the Mies van der Rohe prixe back in 2015 for most beautiful building in Europe, and last, but certainly not least, the vehicle was transported to a secret location deep in the Szczecin's harbor and later to the recently rebuilt bank of the river that was especially reshaped for the Tall Ships Races.

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And at last, in Warshaw, the Arrinera and the team remembered some incredible historical events that took place back in 1918 and back through WWII. The whole photoshoot ended as the vehicle was driven all around the square and around the National Opera House, known as one of the biggest in whole Europe.

Arrinera Hussarya GT prototype

And the most interesting part? The tests and experiments still continue, so it is expected that the team will be back with full force and much more to show! And here is a brief video of the vehicle rushing through Polish streets. Enoy!

Source: Arrinera Racing