Arden has dedicated itself for over 30 years to the tuning of British cars and is one of the leading addresses for customers looking to emphasise the typical features and customise their Jaguars and Range Rovers. Arden offers an extensive range of modifications for the XKR model from Jaguar. As the Arden XKR AJ 20 Coupe, this big cat stands out with a displacement-increased engine and offers pure, unadulterated Jaguar enjoyment plus that distinguishing Arden touch.

Compressor power

Arden rebuilds the 4.2 l V8 completely new and sharpens the claws of this big cat by increasing its displacement. The displacement increase to 4.5 l is achieved by fitting a crankshaft specially produced for Arden, along with new con rods and pistons. Arden optimises the lubrication and the cooling and, in doing so, guarantees a long service life of the components, as it also does through its more than 20 years of experience in the field of Jaguar engine tuning. In conjunction with the modified intake and exhaust systems and sports catalytic converters, the fully recalibrated EMS produces an emphatic but harmonious power boost, whilst retaining the original exhaust gas classification. For drivers, these modifications translate into a vast increase in driving pleasure primarily due to the result of the compressor. Arden releases through the supercharged 4.5 l an impressive 520 hp / 383 kW and a mighty torque of 710 Nm at 3,850 rpm. This guarantees a confident acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 4,1 seconds! A top speed of 305 km/h (reached on the test track in Papenburg, Germany) makes the Arden AJ 20 the fastest Jaguar currently on the road.

In neutral, the Arden AJ 20 purrs as softly as a kitten. But watch out when it stretches out its claws! The Arden AJ 20 Coupe expresses its additional power in the form of a deep growl, produced by a sports silencer system with the   four chrome-plated tailpipes. Upon request, the system can be extended at any time up to a performance-enhancing complete system that includes catalytic converters.

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Enhanced appearance and reduced aerodynamic drag

With the AJ 20 Coupe, Arden contrasts the more delicate appearance of the production version with a muscular look. At the front, the coupe is given an impressive "face" by fitting the Arden front spoiler featuring large air inlets. On demand the Arden front can be equipped with LED daytime lights.

New side sills, also incorporating air inlets, continue the front design and create the appearance of the car being lower to the road. Arden swaps the side vents in favour of its own, colour-contrasting versions. The rear end constitutes the logical conclusion defined by the front design. Like the front section, the rear apron also features cooling openings. To effectively reduce the lift and to make it more sure-footed, Arden equips its AJ 20 with a rear spoiler, which blends perfectly into the basic design. At the same time, Arden proves that attractive form and function need not be opposites, then the perfectly fitting, sporty, elegant aerodynamic kit provides not only a more enhanced appearance, but distinctly reduces the Cd value. During comprehensive wind tunnel testing, Arden succeeded the good Cd value of 0,385 pushed to an even better 0,357. A stunt not every vehicle modifier can accomplish!

Special finetuned sports suspension

When out hunting, big cats should always maintain good contact with the ground. For this reason, Arden modifies the suspension. The Jaguar specialist provides the AJ 20 with a complete sports suspension with specially produced shock absorbers. The fine tuning is designed to meet the ambitious sports driver and offers the best trade off of comfort and sportiness. Arden conducted extensive test drives on public roads and sealed-off race circuits. Arden also offers a limited slip differential for the XKR which improves traction tremendously when cornering at high speeds.

The big cat creeps up on its prey on new 21" wheels (FA: 9 x 21" with 255/35R21", RA: 10 x 21" with 295/30 R 21") in the exclusive and further advanced Arden "Sportline" design, produced by using latest state-of-the-art machines. In conjunction with the Arden sports suspension, they constantly optimise the road contact and successfully round off the appearance of the Arden AJ 20.

Arden has also proven to be an expert in know-how when it comes to the interior. For instance, the in-house upholsterer and Arden designer joiner's workshop are responsible for numerous styling components. Anyone who prefers the famous British noblesse can order high-grade wood interior trim inserts. Motor racing fans will opt for sophisticated carbon-fibre trims to adorn the cockpit. Upholsteries in leather or Alcantara lend the car an extra special luxurious atmosphere.