Do you remember Arden tuning company? If you do, then you should also remember that it specializes in modifying Jaguar automobiles. An interesting fact that you might don't know is that it has been doing so for more than 40 years now. The latest project of the specialists involves the Jaguar again (because we have seen other cars in their range too).

It is called AJ 23 Race Cat and under this name we see a black F-Type, which has received so many updates. Besides the interior, everything else was changed in some way. Well, we suspect that the cabin has also received some significant updates, but the tuner will release more information at a later time.


Starting with the outer looks of the vehicle, at its front it has received handcrafted stainless steel grid and the additional flaps on the spoiler. On the other hand, the rear got a new diffusor, which has increased the contact pressure at the rear axle for better grip and handling.

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In addition, Arden's sports kit also adds new springs that reduce the height of the car by 25 mm. This is then emphasized with the Sportline 21-inch multi-spoke chrome wheels.



The athletic appearance of the car is strengthened by upgrades to the power output. First, we should mention the high-performance exhaust system with flap control as well as the new sport catalysts, which add around 20 hp to the power of the V8 engine. In fact, the flap control is optimized back pressure which not only delivers beautiful sound effects, but also achieves optimum performance.

The other stage of the performance kit (depending on customer's wish) adds a power increase of 40 hp and 50 Nm, which has been done with change in the parameters of the engine map.

At last, there is a supercharger kit, which customizes the V8 so that it can pump out up to 665 hp (489 kW). This has been achieved with the application of a supercharger-powertrain made from high-alloyed aluminum in combination with new forged pistons. Combined with the exhaust system, this performance package reaches its complete power. And Arden assures us that there is great power throughout the whole rpm- range.

Arden Jaguar F-Type AJ 23 Race Cat (2015) - picture 1 of 3
Arden Jaguar F-Type AJ 23 Race Cat (2015) - picture 2 of 3
Arden Jaguar F-Type AJ 23 Race Cat (2015) - picture 3 of 3

Source: Arden