2021-TLX-TYPE-S-910As the new 2021 Acura TLX Type S arrives in dealerships tomorrow, Acura has released a new video that showcases the development of the sedan's new Type S Turbo V6 engine: the 3.0-liter DOHC V6 unit adopts technologies from the twin-turbo NSX supercar and produces a total of 355hp and 354lb-ft of torque.

Assembled in the company's Anna Engine Plant in Anna, Ohio, the Type S Turbo V6 was developed in Japan under the supervision of Akio Matsuda, TLX Type S Powertrain Development lead. However, the idea was first conceived in America with Matsuda playing a key role in the strategic development.

Along with the Type S Turbo V6, the new TLX Type S features a sport-tuned and quick-shifting 10-speed automatic gearbox, which has been optimized to increase the overall power output of the engine. Also, the standard torque-vectoring Super Handling AWD system has been revised for the performance demands of the Type S.

The Type S Turbo V6 Engine

Exclusive to the Type S models, the Turbo V6 comes with all-aluminum construction, compact dimensions, dual overhead camshafts, 24-valves, direct injection, and a single twin-scroll turbocharger.

Also, numerous more engineering steps were taken to ensure that the engine's compact size and low profile cylinder heads. Also, the separate cam bearings caps have been replaced by caps directly incorporating into the valve cover itself, which approach lowers the engine's height and reduces the overall number of parts.

The Type S Turbo V6 also features a robust rotating assembly to meet demands of extreme performance and durability and employs a high-stress forged steel crankshaft and forged steel connecting rods. Also, in order to reduce emissions, the top piston ring carrier of its pistons is a high-density Ni-resist cast iron, which features better wear characteristics and better sealing.

The Single Twin-Scroll Turbocharger


The turbocharger is fed exhaust pressure by the rear and front cylinder banks via independent internal paths. The turbo lag is minimized, and the throttle response is optimized as the engine's rear set of cylinders pressure the small diameter scroll of the turbine, while the front bank feeds the larger diameter.

Also, for a quicker turbo response, the exhaust manifold is cast directly into the cylinder head and the Variable Timing Control is used on both intake and exhaust cams. With maximum boost of 15.1 psi, the engine's 354 lb.-ft. of peak torque is available starting from an exceptionally low 1,400 rpm.

The Variable Cylinder Management

One of the main goals of the new Type S Turbo V6 is to implement the Variable Cylinder Management system to improve fuel efficiency and reduce overall emissions. VCM controls the engine with three cylinders in numerous situations, switching quickly to a six-cylinder setup when needed.

Due to the low profile of the new DOHC cylinder heads, this setup is replaced with a more compact rocker arm and hydraulic lash adjuster design. When all six cylinders are in use, a pin in the valve lifter assembly is held in place with oil pressure, allowing the pin to slide out of the lifter, creating a gap that prevents the valve from opening.

The Active Exhaust


TLX Type S also comes with an Active Exhaust system, adopted from the NSX. It opens a butterfly valve in each muffler to enhance the V6's natural roar.

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The Active Exhaust system operation is dependent on the selected Integrated Dynamics System mode. For example, in Comfort mode, valves are closed at startup and at idle and remain closed until 4,000 rpm. In Normal mode, the engine starts and idles with the valves open that ensure a more aggressive startup experience.