ABT Audi RS3 450 Front and Side ViewSince there is an Essen Motor Show currently ongoing we are extremely happy to announce that there is some movement in the automotive scene. Yesterday we saw how AC Schnitzer has been preparing for the event and it is now time for another tuner to shine with an exclusive project created specifically for the show in Germany. Under the spotlight is ABT Sportsline with their take on Audi RS3. The tuners focused on four steps that led them to the amazing results. Let's see.

Step 1: Power

Basically ABT is constantly producing vehicles which are worthy of the race track. And this is because of their performance characteristics that are (needless to say) superb. There is nothing different here and therefore this Audi RS3 received one of the best outputs it could ever get. Its ‘Olympian power' is rated at approximately 450hp (331kW) and 550 Nm (404 lb-ft).

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Besides the ABT Engine Control unit, other performance-enhancing parts feature a large intercooler and a sport-type exhaust system with four black chrome-plated tail pipes sized 102mm in diameter.

Step 2: Exterior

However, ABT had to prepare appropriately for the Essen Motor Show and this was a very good reason to give the unique asphalt warrior a customized look. As you can clearly see, the exterior has this beautiful matt red with a pearlescent finish, while the rear is dominated by an offset black.

Step 3: Interior

ABT Audi RS3 450 Interior

Continuing to the inside, the interior is wrapped in black Alcantara upholstery, which contrasts the outer shell. Silver seams and corresponding carbon look components a sporty attitude. The door beads and trims, seat lining, center console and seat buckets are also made of the silver material. There is the ABT logo almost everywhere.

Step 4: Wheels & Handling

The wheels choice includes 19-inch ER-F that are complemented by the ultimate grip of the 235/35 ZR19 Continental tyres. Springs lower the Audi about 30mm on the front and 25 mm on the rear axle, thus resulting in enhanced handling.

ABT Individual also offers additional equipment options, but we are extremely happy with those featured here, aren't we?

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Source: ABT