2023 Genesis Electrified GV70

Genesis introduced the new model by hosting a world premiere event at the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition (Auto Guangzhou 2021) in China, which takes place at the China Import and Export Fair Complex from November 19–28, 2021.

Appearing via video at the world premiere event, Jay Chang, Global Head of the Genesis brand, introduced the brand's vision for electrification, after which SangYup Lee, Head of Genesis Global Design, discussed the Electrified GV70's design. Markus Henne, Chief Executive Officer of Genesis Motor China, punctuated the event onsite by presenting Genesis' market strategy for the country.

"Our global vision to create a sustainable future through electrification is a natural extension of our original commitment that dates back to the launch of Genesis in 2015: the commitment to creating a positive impact in our customers' lives," said Jay Chang, Global Head of the Genesis Brand. "I am pleased to reveal another new EV model in China that celebrates our audacious step toward a sustainable future."

"We are presenting the Electrified GV70 to engage with youthful and energetic Chinese customers," said SangYup Lee, Head of Genesis Global Design. "This is more than just a new electrified SUV. It is a statement for Genesis design that marks new territory."

The Electrified GV70 sets a new standard for electric SUVs

The Electrified GV70 is built on the heritage of GV70, inheriting its predecessor's spacious interior and adding outstanding performance and a host of new technologies designed exclusively for electric vehicles.

During the event, Genesis showcased an Electrified GV70 with an Atacama Copper matte paint exterior. The front fascia displays a careful consideration for aerodynamic efficiency and function. Genesis' signature Crest Grille has evolved into an aerodynamic crest that features an inverted G-Matrix pattern and incorporates a hidden EV charging port, creating a minimalist yet sophisticated look. The minimalist horizontal shape of the rear bumper completes the model's modern image. A simplified, tailpipe-free skid plate emphasizes the SUV's electric nature, while the iconic and progressive Two-Line Quad Lamps put the finishing touch on the electric model of GV70 with Genesis' signature Two Lines architecture.

The interior boasts a driver-focused design, offering an intuitive and dynamic driving experience. Inspired by the ‘Beauty of White Space' interior design concept, the Electrified GV70 offers customers the opportunity to write their own story with an interior that reflects the sustainable ambitions of this electric vehicle, as well as Genesis' commitment to future sustainability. A variety of eco-friendly materials have been used to furnish the model, and each material features a high-quality finish, completing a design that embodies Genesis' vision for sustainable luxury from the inside out. Genesis will offer the model with a Glacier White interior.

As an athletic and dynamic vehicle, the Electrified GV70 offers competitive and powerful performance to satisfy drivers. It will be available only as an AWD (All-Wheel Drive) model, and details on output and performance for North American models will be available closer to launch. This powerful model is expected to reach 60 MPH in 4.5 seconds with Boost Mode.

Range estimates for the North American market will be available closer to launch. The addition of 350kW rapid charging, meanwhile, enables the battery to charge from 10% to 80% in under 20 minutes.

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Furthermore, Genesis' application of a 400V/800V multi-rapid charging system will allow drivers to utilize various forms of charging infrastructure. The multi-rapid charging system enables fast and stable charging by raising the voltage supplied by typical chargers from 400V to 800V. The technology is optimized for the vehicle's system thanks to the model's driving motors and inverters. Customers can use the 800V rapid charging system to utilize both 400V and 800V charging infrastructure without the need for an additional converter.

The electric version of the GV70 also includes a V2L (Vehicle to Load) feature that supports a 3.6kW charge, which is higher than the power supply in the average home, enabling customers to conveniently use electric appliances outside of the vehicle.

Moreover, the Disconnector Actuator System (DAS) can automatically connect or disconnect the motor and drive shaft, considering various driving conditions. Such conditions include vehicle speed and driving mode, enabling seamless switching between 2WD and AWD – reducing unnecessary power loss while increasing efficiency.

The new model's driving experience is further enhanced with a variety of cutting-edge technologies. The Smart Regenerative Braking System 2.0 regenerates energy through the braking system based on driving habits, real-time navigation, and road conditions. In driving mode, the i-Pedal (Intelligent Pedal) allows the driver to accelerate, decelerate and stop using just the accelerator pedal.

Genesis also equipped the vehicle with ANC-R (Active Noise Control-Road) to achieve a comfortable driving experience. The technology significantly reduces the level of noise by measuring and analyzing road noises utilizing four sensors and eight microphones and simultaneously creating sounds at opposite phases.

The Preview Electronic Control Suspension (Pre-view ECS) has been applied to support an optimal driving experience. This suspension system can be controlled based on information collected through the SUV's front camera and navigation system.

* Specifications and features noted are only confirmed for the Korean market at this time and are subject to change for international models. More information on North American market specifications and deliveries will be available at a later date.