McLaren news (from the road-going sector): As of this October, all the McLaren MP4-12Cs will get some extra power, a bit of a detail revision and a gadget for immature people just like us. We would really like to stress on the "all" part as even owners of previous years will get the upgrade...for free. This is how, Antony Sheriff, McLaren Automotive Managing Director explains the company's motivation:

"Given our racing heritage, it is in our nature to continuously seek out improvements. The team at McLaren Automotive recognises that our existing and future customers deserve the very best product and service we can offer, and the launch of the enhanced 12C reaffirms its position as the most powerful luxury sports car among its competitor set."

So, why not improve on the feeble 600PS, 3.8-liter, twin-turbo V8 engine that's been the driving force of the MP4-12C for almost an year now? (sarcasm included). By some in-house remapping and by tweaking the 7-Speed SSG transmission, the 2013 British supercar now has 625PS and 600Nm of torque delivered in a smooth and crispy tone. And by tone, we don't mean that  just metaphorically – The 12C's unique Intake Sound Generator (ISG) system, which is responsible for the amount of engine intake sound heard in the cabin, now has settings within the range of three settings... if for some reason, you want your ears to start to bleed. Also, the fuel-conscious...who bought a $217,857 two-seater, will be happy to know that in spite of the buff, the economy stays the same - 24.2 mpg on the combined cycle. The jump in performance figures is not what you'd call staggering (the 0-62 mph run remains at 3.1 seconds) but on the 0-124 mph you do get a tenth of a second down at 8.8 seconds. The most noticeable change however, is on the 0-186 mph time which is 26.5 seconds as opposed to the previos 27.5 seconds. The top speed is up a notch from 205 mph to 207 mph.

McLaren MP4-12C (2013) McLaren MP4-12C (2013)

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Other than that, the climate control will now have an option to run as quiet as possible (all the better to hear that ISG thing, we guess), the touch sensor door "handles" will be dropped and replaced with buttons for customer feedback said so apparently and also every time it starts drizzling, the headlamps will light up.

The option's list has also had it's share fare of redesigning – new wheels, new finishes, superior leather and Alcantra interiors, a suspension lift system for speed humps and rough surfaces.

As said, all the techy upgrades for owners of the "older" MP4 generation will be absolutely complementary – the power output increase, the transmission revision, the sound generator settings and the "smart" headlights. You've got to hand it to McLaren on their knowledge of how to bond with their customers.

Source: McLaren Automotive