Today at The New York International Auto Show, Land Rover will unveil the new 2010 Range Rover. A new powerful engine, revolutionary interior technologies and enhanced driving dynamics reinforce its position as one of the world's most complete luxury 4x4s.

Land Rover's flagship has been comprehensively updated to deliver more refined and efficient performance, together with the ultimate in interior comfort and craftsmanship.

"The 2010 Range Rover is a considerable step forward for what is already regarded as one of the world's most complete luxury vehicles.  New engines provide formidable power, efficiency and customary Range Rover refinement, with new technologies delivering world firsts.  Like its legendary predecessors, the 2010 Range Rover is setting the pace once more," says Phil Popham, Land Rover managing director.

Improved Performance Pride of place on the 2010 Range Rover goes to the brand new 510PS 5.0-litre supercharged LR-V8 petrol engine.  The engine was developed in-house by the Jaguar Land Rover powertrain team, with the requirements of the Range Rover in mind from day one. The LR-V8 engine has been developed to deliver more power and refinement, but not at the expense of fuel consumption and emissions.

The LR-V8 improves fuel consumption by 7.3 percent to 19mpg on the EU cycle and CO2 emissions by 7.4 percent to 348g/km, despite substantial increases in both power to 510PS (+29 percent) and torque to 625Nm (+12 percent), compared with its 4.2-litre Supercharged predecessor.

The popular diesel derivative continues to be powered by the acclaimed 272PS 3.6-litre TDV8 and also benefits from upgrades to the design and under-the-skin modifications.

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Classic Design The design enhancements to the 2010 Range Rover include subtle exterior revisions, featuring changes to the headlights, grille and bumper which enhance the classic Range Rover style with more contemporary detailing.  The interior benefits from new luxury grade leather trim for the headlining, pillar and door casings and facia buttons which now feature a satin chrome-plated finish.

High quality black satin and natural wood finishes are beautifully highlighted by the Range Rover's upgraded waterfall interior lighting and complete the sumptuous feel of the interior architecture adding further refinement to the premium interior ambiance.

"We have introduced a number of more contemporary design elements on the 2010 Range Rover, but have been careful not to disturb the vehicle's classic proportions and unique silhouette.  The refined detailing and cleaner surfaces of the 2010 model retain the timeless and noble qualities which are traditional hallmarks of Range Rover design," said design director, Gerry McGovern.

New headlights feature the Range Rover's trademark inter-locking circle design, but are more clearly visible, day or night, with LED lamp technology. A new bumper completes the smoother, more sculpted front end. The fog lamps are relocated from the bumper skin to the lower front air-intake.

The side of the vehicle features new 'three-stripe' LED indicators and redesigned three-section fender vents.  The same design theme is adopted by the rear LED light clusters, which incorporate 'three-stripe' directional indicators.

Intelligent Technologies The 2010 Range Rover receives two intuitive interior technologies including a world first dual view touch screen.

The dual view infotainment touch screen technology allows the driver and passenger to view different images simultaneously.  This means that the passenger can enjoy a DVD movie while the driver follows navigation instructions, all on the same screen.

Another dramatic innovation is found in the instrument cluster.  Here, traditional physical instruments are replaced by the world's largest configurable 12″ Thin Film Transistor (TFT) screen which presents all essential driver information via cleverly designed 'virtual' dials and graphical displays.

Improved Safety and Dynamics State-of-the-art Adaptive Dynamics technologies have been added to further improve the Range Rover's peerless ride quality.  All-terrain performance is also enhanced by updates to the Terrain Response™ and Stability Control systems.

The 2010 Range Rover benefits from a more powerful braking system and a series of added active safety aids including Adaptive Cruise Control, Trailer Stability Assist, Emergency Brake Assist, enhanced Under Steer Control, Blind Spot Monitoring, Automatic High Beam Assist (AHBA) and a surround camera system.

The new surround camera system aids easier parking, towing and off road manoeuvring.  It features five digital cameras which relay a near 360-degree view to the touch-screen display. The cameras can be used at speeds of up to 11mph, with options for selecting and zooming in to assist with close quarter parking and with towing.

The patented 'reverse tow assist' function helps perform accurate towing manoeuvres.  The wide fields of view on the side cameras give a clear view of the reversing trailer and the images are electronically manipulated to provide an undistorted view.  Guide lines overlaid on the rear camera image illustrate both the vehicle and trailer's trajectory and these move in line with steering inputs, making it easier for the driver to predict where the trailer will move to, before performing the reversing manoeuvre.

To make night driving an altogether more relaxing experience, the Range Rover's front headlights incorporate high beam assist technology (AHBA).  This can automatically switch on high beam headlights where external light levels are below the system's threshold.  Importantly, the system is also designed to detect preceding and approaching traffic, and in a split second will automatically switch back to low beam to avoid dazzling others.

Updated Infotainment Systems There are also a number of other key infotainment upgrades including a new hard-drive navigation system - providing faster route calculation, larger area map coverage and improved reliability – and a new Portable Audio Interface allowing connectivity to an array of personal audio storage devices such as USB sticks and MP3 players, enabling the various devices' functions to be accessed and controlled via the facia-mounted touch-screen system.  One of the connectivity ports is a dedicated Apple iPodTM point made exclusively by Land Rover.

"In summary, the Range Rover is still the consummate luxury 4x4. Its combination of unrivalled all-terrain performance with the ultimate in comfort and refinement remains a clear industry benchmark," concludes Phil Popham.