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vauxhall vivaro-e hydrogen offers advanced features and 249 mile range

Recently revealed, Vauxhall’s new zero-emission Vivaro-e HYDROGEN light commercial vehicle offers a range of up to 2249 miles, refuels in only 3 minutes and comes with a cargo volume of up to 6.1m3. The new fuel cell electric vehicle is based on the Vivaro-e and enables the integration of the entire fuel cell system with the existing traction motor under the bonnet. Also, the battery of the Vivaro-e BEV is replaced with an advanced three 700

bmw team takes the new 2 series coupe for a test ride

At the end of its development process, the latest edition of the BMW 2 Series completes its fine-tuning test and goes for a test ride. Here’s what we should expect on the release day. The final tests include revision of the suspension system under racetrack conditions and some additional adjustments. What is uniqu

silverstone auctions reveal a lineup of limited and low-mileage vehicles

Silverstone Auctions closed their catalogue with a set of low mileage and low ownership vehicles. 1999 Subaru 22B-STi Type UK First, there’s the 1999 Subaru 22B-STi Type UK. The vehicle is rare and special. 1 of only 16 units, the vehicle is well-regarded among the Subaru fanbase, and occasionally appears in many magazines. This particular unit has had only 2 previous owners during the last 18 years and has only overed 49,000 miles. 1961 Mor

peterson automotive museum launches porsche-themed events

The Peterson Automotive Museum has announced an upcoming two-part exhibition show in partnership with renowned Porsche-focused theme events. The first exclusive exhibition is called Pfaffenhausen Speed Shop – The RUF Gallery,” and will include some bespoke supercars and restomod classics. The second one will reveal

saietta's new motor technology contribute to more agility and efficiency

Some real-world efficiency testings of the Saietta Group’s advanced AFT 140 electric motor have demonstrated that the technology can dramatically improve the driving range of lightweight electric vehicles. The tests included two Renault Twizy demonstration vehicles that were put in a head-to-head comparison experiment on public roads in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The first vehicle was a standard and stock Renault model, and the second one wa

mclaren special operations recreates the exclusive gulf livery

The in-house bespoke arm of the luxurious automaker Mclaren, McLaren Special Operations has unveiled a bespoke Gulf-Oil-livered 720S model with brand’s well-known racing colors. The project is a part of the renewed partnership between McLaren and Gulf. This is not the first time the teams partnered together – back in the day they established relationships in Formula 1 and Can-Am between 1968 and 1973, and some time later, in the 1990s they

8 must-know pros & cons for vehicle financing vs. leasing

You probably already know thatcar prices can be way higher and out of reach for many American shoppers. And this is why, like most people in the market for a new car, you might be considering to finance or lease your next car.  The truth is that there’s no straight or universal answer as to which option between the

cupra and primavera sound join forces for mutual benefits

CUPRA and Primavera Sound kick off a new project together to inspire the world from Barcelona. The automotive brand and the music festival announced a three-year partnership that focuses on exporting new ways of enjoying music. Ahead of the Primavera Sound Festival 2022, the two companies reveal a teaser of artists'

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