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Lexus News

sexiness overload: lexus presents 2018 lexus lc 500 model details!

Lexus reveals some sweet news for all the brand lovers out there! The new LC 500h full hybrid machine flagship beauty will make its global debut at the Geneva Motor Show this year! Furthermore, the long anticipated LC luxury coupe will be also presented with fresh new V8 and pure hybrid drivetrain systems. As far as we know, Lexus team offers wide range of customizable combinations: there are these powerful over 400hp V8 engines that can be ma

lexus team gains more and more confidence. what more should we expect?

So, When Can We Expect the Hydrogen Lexus? Now that right there is a question that many in the automotive industry and automotive journalism industry has been discussing and wondering for quite some time. When will we get to look at this groundbreaking technology that Lexus has been working on for some time? Will it be worth the wait? How will it be designed, and most of all how will the consumer base accept or decline it? Let us answer a c

lexus celebrates success with new models! check these beauties out!

Lexus celebrates its one millionth unit sale of the popular IS sports sedan vehicle and decides to launch a special celebration model that offers enhanced style, better safety features and tons of super-pleasurable infotainment features. There are three new models that are available in a total of three different trim grades that provide everything that customers might want. Also, as it comes to personalization and optional features, the new mo

lexus team proudly announces new achievements! check them out!

The latest Lexus LC Coupe is named the most torsionally rigid vehicle in the whole lineup of the premium automobile manufacturer, according to global chief engineer Koji Sato. In his own words, the vehicle has surpassed even the limited production LFA V10 supercar. Sweet! Also, the team is proud with one more feature: the latest LC also showcases some sort of perfect weight distribution: 52:48 front-rear balance for the LC 500 V8 model and 51:

lexus presents two new models to the rx lineup: check 'em out!

Lexus team expands the RX midsize SUV lineup and presents some new family members: brand’s enthusiasts and buyers will be happy to know that there are F Sport and Sports Luxury variants already available for purchase! These two additions are part of the Luxury trim level and bring numerous additions and improvements. Many of these are pure visual, while others heavily contribute to more comfort and convenience or better vehicle performance.

along with neat fresh models, lexus team also reveals neat automobile seats. check this concept out!

Lexus reveals details for a special kinetic seat that is about to be fully revealed. This is a sort of ultra-modern seat with numerous incredible features, cutting-edge ergonomic technologies and neat spider silk components. Scheduled to be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show on September 29, this thing also incorporates fiber net construction that will try to change the conventional thinking in the field of car seat industry. Furthermore, the de

ux concept revealed and numerous more surprises at the paris show by lexus!

Lexus revealed more details about a special concept vehicle that will be showcased on September 29 at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. This is indeed the Lexus UX concept, created by brand's European Design Centre, ED2. The concept will show brand's new design plans that are heavily influenced by urban streets and connected environment. There will also be present tons of hi-tech solutions and next-gen technologies. What we also know so far is that t

surprise! lexus shows a sporty beast way ahead of official debut!

Lexus has just revealed a sweet-looking and powerful race car, based on the LC 500 model. The striking visuals include boldly widened fenders, massive skirts, big spoiler and rear diffuser. All this blended with just fine proportions. Other notable features are the weight of just 1,020kg and a powerful 2.0-liter direct-injection four-cylinder turbocharged power unit, paired to a six-speed sequential transmission system. Also, there is a sweet

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